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Introduction - Overview

Welcome to the Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) web site!

The Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) web site was constructed by the College Level One Team, as a resource for Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (SMET) instructors.

Even the most dedicated college faculty often discover that their students haven't learned what they are trying to teach - and that much of what students Is there a gap between what you're teaching and what your students are learning? do learn is quickly forgotten after the final exam. Traditional testing methods have been limited measures of student learning, and equally importantly, of limited value for guiding student learning. These methods are often inconsistent with the increasing emphasis being What do you want your students to learn? placed on the ability of students to think analytically, to understand and communicate at both detailed and "big picture" levels, and to acquire life-long skills that permit continuous adaptation to workplaces that are in constant flux. Moreover, because assessment is in What are they actually learning? many respects the glue that links the components of a course - its content, instructional methods, and skills development - changes in the structure of a course require coordinated changes in assessment.

Our assessment tools tell students what we think is important to learn. The tests commonly used in college science and math courses usually emphasize fact-based knowledge and algorithmic problem solving. How do you find out? Innovative assessment methods emphasize deeper levels of learning and give instructors valuable feedback during a course.

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